Piñon Grill – Boca Raton, Florida

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  • 6000 Glades Road Suite 1390, Boca Raton, Florida 33431


There’s an aroma that is both sweet and savory that comes from burning Piñon pine. It infuses steak, fish and chicken with a mouth-watering flavor that tells a story of our heritage when friends and neighbors would come together to cook what they’ve grown in a celebration of friendship and camaraderie. It’s where the live fire cooking began and what has inspired us to bring to you.
  • SUN - THU 11:30AM - 10PM       
  • FRI - SAT 11:30AM - 11PM       


There’s just something about the kitchen that inspires a passion in us. It’s that cozy atmosphere that comes when friends gather around to share a home-cooked meal. We don’t know exactly where it stems from, whether it’s the warmth of the oven, the buzz of libations or the left-over ingredients we nosh on as we fall into easy conversation. But that environment has an energy that draws everyone together. It’s a place that cultivates openness — where stories flow as freely as the wine, where laughter is shared over a batter-covered spoon, and a chaotic harmony that speaks to a relaxed evening spent in good company. At Pinon Grill, we translate the uninhibited connection and raw energy of that cozy kitchen into the space we share with you. We’re all about eating without barriers, of rubbing elbows with good friends and of sneaking that last bite from the bowl when nobody is looking. With us, you can eat freely and live freely. We are your kitchen away from home.


There’s no predicting what can happen when we walk up to the bar. It’s one of life’s greatest anticipations. From that first clink of the glass, we toast to the beginning of an unexpected journey. The bar is a place where we reconnect with our spirit of adventure. A place where our closest friends are met and made. Where we freely exchange our ideas, our fears, our hopes and our dreams with glistening eyes. Where the impossible becomes possible again, if only for the night. Whether over bubbles, brew, scotch or wine, we’d like to share that sense of adventure with you, to awaken that American Spirit that lives in all of us. We’ll pour, shake or stir your favorite libation while the music beats deep within your heart. We’ll share in your stories and your endless possibilities. And know that the next time you return, we’ll call you by name.

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